Mindplus mental health specialists are devoted to providing exceptional holistic mental health services.

We Provide on-going support to our clients by implementing world-class established clinical protocols, responsive client service and progressive technology.

To best serve our clients and their employees, our strategy focuses on both the organizational workplace issues of our clients as well as on the individual employee

Our holistic member focused approach to care enhances morale, increases productivity, and improves quality of life

Reduce risk of employee litigation,Reduces rate of absenteeism, Increase concentration and productivity of workforce

We help reduce medical/income protection claims. We help in Employee wellbeing services, occupational health and critical incidence support

We offer synchronized outcome-focused treatment delivering positive return on investment and medical consultation with experts in the field of employee services

Access to Associated psychologists and trauma specialists with self referral or manager referral

Employee Mental Health Statistics


of employees have experienced a mental health issue due to work or where work was a contributing factor at some point in their career.


Almost one in three employees reported being “formally diagnosed” with a mental health condition at some point in their lives.


of employees have had a formally diagnosed condition for more than one year and 6% for more than 10 years.

In a perfect world, employees could separate their personal experiences from their professional lives. But the reality is that many workers spend their days worried over untold personal matters which can reduce their effectiveness and put a strain on productivity levels. Fortunately, organisational leaders understand the human side of the workplace and this has led to the development of Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs, which provide support and resources for struggling employees.


We partner with you

The agenda behind Employee Assistance Program is to improve the conditions of the employee health for the sake of profit of both the individual as well as the organization.

We help you grow

EAP helps in taking care of the personal responsibility associated with the employee and these programs aids in providing an asset to the employee by lowering down their pressure and helping them to grow more.

We make you Smile

Because a happy Employee = a happy and productive work environment. Employee assistance program is an approach where an employee can get reward which inculcate help in her/his personal problems or any problem the employee is facing during her/his workforce that may include their performance at the job and other specific programs for their well beings.

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